Grounds for Removal – Deportation of Non – Citizen

The Immigration and Nationality Act lists six major categories that can subject a non-citizen to deportation.

These include:

  • Inadmissibility at time of entry or adjustment of status, or violations of status
  • Criminal charges
  • Failure to register or falsified documents
  • Terrorism or security threats
  • Become a public charge or primarily dependent on the government
  • Unlawfully voted

Having worked with numerous clients, families and employers throughout our years of practice, our legal team is experienced in defending against deportation proceedings filed for any of these six reasons. With extensive knowledge of immigration law, USCIS procedures and the immigration court system, our firm can evaluate your case and determine where the most appropriate legal solution lies.

We are capable of using numerous deportation defense strategies, including filing for registry or temporary protection status, cancellation and withholding actions, waiver applications, appeals proceedings, and others.


Deportation and removal actions are complex legal issues, but they can be handled competently and effectively by experienced legal professionals. Our legal team strongly advises anyone facing such issues to contact our firm as soon as possible.