imagesOftentimes when I receive a phone call from an individual who has been arrested for drunk driving, they don’t know what the next step is in that procedure. Although each town operates slightly differently, there are some similarities. In approximately a week, you will have your first appearance before a judge in whatever town you were stopped for drunk driving. You should consult with an attorney prior to that first court date, and preferably hire somebody to go with you to protect each and every right that you have throughout the drunk driving case process. On your first appearance, the judge will read you the charges of each ticket you received on the night in question. He will instruct the municipal prosecutor to provide you, or if you do have counsel your attorney, with the paperwork related to your case, all of which require a thorough review.

As the case moves forward, you will have court dates where things are discussed such as issues with the discovery or issues with the facts of your case eventually leading towards either a trial on the merits of the case or a plea bargain in your drunk driving case. As suggested before, the most important thing is that you are advised by an attorney, and you are aware of each and every consequence you are facing as you go through this process. I would suggest that you contact someone immediately and have a conversation with an attorney that you trust about how your drunk driving case will proceed.

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