IOF-32-REV-1In New Jersey, there are two different types of possession of a firearm. There is the simple possession of that firearm without a permit and there’s possession of that firearm to do something unlawful or for an unlawful purpose. For a long time here in the State of New Jersey, they were treated differently. In recent years, the legislature changed the law and made it so they are treated the same. They are now both treated as second-degree defenses.

The reason that is important is because, in New Jersey, any conviction for a second-degree offense requires an individual to serve time in state prison. Each case is a different situation, each case has different facts, and there may be defenses that an experienced attorney would be able to show in your particular case as to why a state prison sentence is not warranted. However, it revolves around a careful review of the set of circumstances of your particular case, your background, your history, and what took place. It is required that you discuss this with an experienced attorney. When you go to court on possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, you’re facing a very serious charge. You should not have to face this charge alone. Please contact an experienced attorney to discuss the matter and see where you stand after a review of your case.

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