cannabisOftentimes when I receive a phone call from a client about the distribution of drugs, that person isn’t fully aware of the facts and circumstances surrounding their case. They’re able to tell me whether it’s cocaine or heroin or marijuana or a prescription drug but not much more because they haven’t received their police report or any other information related to their particular arrest. In the State of New Jersey, arrest for distribution of any drug is a felony charge. Whether that drug is marijuana or narcotics, distribution of drugs here in the State of New Jersey is a third-degree felony. An individual charged with that offense is facing the potential of five years in New Jersey state prison if they are convicted. 

However, just because you may be charged with distribution of drugs here in New Jersey does not mean that is going to be the outcome of your case. Each case is different and needs a thorough review by an experienced attorney to determine what defenses may apply to your case and whether your case is truly a distribution of drugs case, or whether it may be a possession case, or whether it may not be a case at all. In any event, you need to discuss your case with an experienced attorney to determine what, if any, consequences you’re facing on your drug distribution charge.

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