Circuit_Court_BenchDrug court is an alternative sentence to a criminal defendant facing state prison. People charged with drug possession or drug distribution are often afforded the opportunity to apply to drug court as an alternative to an offer of a state prison sentence. There are certain factors that make a criminal defendant not eligible for drug court. A conviction for a violent crime in the past, although the person may be determined to be drug dependent, will not allow that particular defendant into drug court.

However, outside of the exclusions, drug court affords individuals who believe that they need treatment or seek an alternative to a prison sentence another way to resolve their case short of a jury trial without having to plead guilty to a state prison sentence. Again, every criminal defendant’s situation is slightly different; the facts, the circumstances, their prior history, if any. This is why a consultation with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney to discuss the options of an alternative sentence such as drug court is a must prior to resolving your criminal case.

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