download (10)Here in New Jersey there are a variety of crimes that fall under that category starting at the most significant with aggravated sexual assault, which is a first degree charge. Although those are fancy words that we use here in the State of New Jersey, what aggravated sexual assault amounts to is what’s commonly referred to as rape. A lesser charge but still falling under the purview of sex crimes is sexual assault that would involve something other than penetration, something such as touching or things of that nature. A charge slightly lesser than that but still within the same category would be sexual contact.

Each and every one of these charges is significant and carries significant penalties such as registration with the local authorities under Megan’s Law, the potential for jail time, and the inability to have contact with juveniles or children; all very significant consequences. You also could find yourself, if charged with any one of these defenses and having children of your own – although not victims of this particular case – embroiled in a case with DCP&P, what used to be known as DYFS. They could put restrictions upon you and your family and your access to your own children, again even though they may not have been involved in the case itself. It is very important for you and your loved ones to consult immediately with an attorney who has a significant amount of experience in this area of law. It’s a unique area of law and carries unique penalties so an immediate consultation with an experienced attorney is a must.

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