Police_Line_Crime_Scene_2498847226Obviously, here in New Jersey as well as in other states the most serious crime for a person to be charged with is murder. However, despite the fact that you or your loved one may be charged with murder here in New Jersey does not mean that all hope is lost. Despite being charged with murder, there are a number of defenses that apply and there are a number of loopholes that may apply to your particular case that would result in the charges being downgraded to a manslaughter charge or to an outright acquittal of your murder charge. Each case is obviously different and each murder case specifically is governed by the discovery in your particular case.

Although you may be charged with murder, there are a number of factors that lead to a person’s charge. For instance, here in New Jersey a person is charged with murder if they purposely killed someone. Purpose is a state of mind and often difficult to prove. It’s just one potential defense when an individual is charged with murder. Again, despite being charged with murder, an immediate consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey, specifically a defense attorney who’s previously handled a number of murder cases, is a must.

When charged with murder you’re facing an enormous amount of time in prison, up to and including life in prison if convicted of your murder charge. Again, as I stated before, that doesn’t mean that one should just give up and say, “You’ve got me,” to the prosecutor or the State. One should immediately and carefully consult with an experienced attorney to discuss your case. As I stated, each case is different and each case needs a thorough review by an attorney.

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