Criminal defense lawyers defend the rights of individuals who have been accused of committing a criminal violation. A criminal defense attorney in Jersey City usually serves different practice subareas, ranging from misdemeanors to more serious, first-degree crimes. He or she uses knowledge to analyze your case and identify nuances that may enable the defendant to win their case.

An attorney will speak on behalf of the client when talking to judges, prosecutors, witnesses, juries, and the court. He or she will also provide legal advice based on the client’s specific situation and circumstances being faced. Even when a client is guilty of the crime and all evidence seems to confirm that the attorney may be able to negotiate a reduction in fines and jail time. A criminal defense attorney has two main goals: to prove his or her client is innocent, or when that is not possible, to minimize the punishment received by the client.

What Types of Services Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Provide?

Criminal defense attorneys can assist clients even before they are charged with the crime and before and during a criminal trial. If a client suspects he or she is about to be accused of a crime, an attorney can provide advice on how to answer to police and authorities and may be able to persuade the court to drop the charges in some cases.

If a case is expected to go to trial, an attorney may help a client be released by negotiating or eliminating the amount due for a bail payment. During the trial, an attorney will assist his or her client in writing opening statements and questions for witnesses to form an overall defense strategy. He or she will also present arguments in your favor and engage in debate with opposition lawyers.

When a case is tried, and a client is likely to be sentenced, the defense lawyer can enter a plea bargain negotiation to reduce the severity of charges and punishment received. Often, the negotiation involves a reduction of the sentence or an alternative arrangement that allows the client to get help for an issue that was the underlying cause for the crime, such as drug abuse. A defense lawyer may persuade a court to issue reduced jail time combined with mandatory substance abuse treatment. Such achievements are often hard, if not impossible, to obtain by a defendant who chooses to self-represent.

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