1024px-Bail_BondsBail is obviously an important factor in any criminal case as bail is what prevents or allows a criminal defendant to make their way out of jail. In New Jersey, a bail review is a very important step in the process. No matter where you’re arrested, whether it is in Bergen County or Hudson County or some other county such as Camden, they’re all treated somewhat similarly in that an individual defendant is entitled to a criminal bail. What entitled to a bail means is up for debate. Some judges take that to mean a cash-only bail of $100,000 is a bail that someone can make. Obviously, most people cannot make a bail of that nature.

There are other ways bail can be set more favorably to a criminal defendant such as allowing that defendant to use a bail bondsman to only put up a portion of the bail amount, like posting 10% of the bail amount at the county court to which the individual criminal defendant is charged. In any event, once bail is set in a case, it is always subject to review by a superior court judge in the county that the offense took place. Contacting an experienced New Jersey bail attorney is very important in any criminal defendant’s case as that attorney may be able to present an argument to either the prosecutor or the judge on the criminal defendant’s case to show why the bail should be reduced or the client should be released on their own recognizance. In either case, a review of one’s bail that a family cannot make on behalf of a criminal defendant is a very important step in the process, and an experienced attorney should always be consulted.

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