6757821397_d058f5f3df_oOne set of calls that I receive to my office on a frequent basis involves crimes in federal court. These are not crimes in the nature of robbery or burglary or murder, but rather what we commonly call white collar crimes. White collar crimes can be anything from a bankruptcy fraud to tax fraud to embezzlement from a company to what’s called a Ponzi scheme such as the one that we all know Bernie Madoff was involved in. Although not a robbery or a drug charge or other blue collar crime, these white collar crimes in the federal court either here in the district court of New Jersey or elsewhere carry the same significant penalties as other criminal offenses. White collar crimes are determined by the amount of money that the federal government is alleging that an individual defendant took, stole or embezzled from a company, person, individual, or group of individuals.

Despite the fact that these cases don’t involve anything of violence, they are quite significant in nature. As a matter of fact, in federal court, a small loss amount to these individual investors or to the bankruptcy court can result in significant penalties to a criminal defendant even if he or she didn’t believe they were doing anything wrong. A consultation with an experienced federal attorney is a must as loss amounts and sentencing guideline ranges for white collar criminal defendants can add up quickly. An individual who believes they are dealing with a case that should be a “slap on the wrist” all of a sudden is facing significant time in federal prison. Again, a consultation with an experienced federal criminal attorney should be made and had immediately upon notification from a federal department that you are either under investigation or being charged with a white collar federal crime.

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