320px-Wiki-prostituteSometimes people are caught in situations that they’d rather not talk about. One of those situations is either promoting or soliciting prostitution or an escort. Unfortunately, if you or a loved one has been charged with one of these crimes, they are serious and do need to be talked about with an experienced attorney. The consequences of being charged with promoting prostitution could include prison time here in the State of New Jersey. That does not mean that if you’re arrested for promoting prostitution that you’re necessarily going to jail or prison, but it is a potential consequence.

If you’ve been arrested for soliciting prostitution or an escort, the same type of penalties apply, although again, they’re not a necessity or reasonable outcome in your situation if the matter is handled properly. If you’ve been charged or arrested for either promoting or soliciting prostitution, a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney is a must. Again, I know that sometimes these are situations that we don’t like to talk about with those outside of our inner circle, but there are a good number of ways that a positive outcome can be had in these particular types of cases. That outcome is based on speaking with and hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. I would suggest that should you be caught in one of these compromising situations that you immediately consult with one such attorney.

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