Ritalin-SR-20mg Over the last several years, I’ve received a large number of phone calls from clients about possession of prescription drugs without a prescription. One of the big ones is oxycodone. Although not different than any other prescription drug without a prescription, possession of oxycodone is treated exactly the same as possession of heroin, possession of cocaine, or possession of any other narcotic drug in the State of New Jersey. What that means is if you’re charged with possession of a prescription drug and you don’t have a valid prescription for that particular drug, you are facing up to five years in New Jersey state prison. Although that is the maximum penalty associated with possession of a prescription drug, there are a number of defenses I’ve seen over the years that may apply to your particular case.

It’s very important that upon being arrested for possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription, that you contact an experienced attorney and discuss your case. The circumstances and facts of your particular case are obviously different than anyone else’s and needs a thorough review by an experienced attorney to determine what the potential outcomes are of your particular possession of prescription drug case.

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