driving-22959_640In New Jersey, one of the more significant traffic tickets is driving while suspended. Driving while suspended falls into several different categories, but, each ticket for driving while suspended carries the potential of a loss of driving privileges as well as a significant fine starting at $500. Although you may have been charged with driving while suspended, the ticket may have various circumstances, facts, and defenses in your particular case that would allow you to avoid some or all of those penalties. A first step in any driving while suspended case is to contact an experienced New Jersey attorney to discuss what took place and why you were stopped for driving while suspended. That attorney will be able to discuss with you, given the individual circumstances of your case, what potential outcomes you may be facing.

One more significant driving while suspended ticket that people contact my office about is driving while suspended for drunk driving or DUI. Unfortunately, this ticket carries some of the most significant penalties of any traffic ticket in the State of New Jersey. If you’ve been convicted of a first, second, or third DUI and you were then subsequently caught driving while suspended for that DUI, you’re facing a mandatory additional 1 to 2 year loss of license and 10 to 90 days in the county jail wherever your offense took place. Obviously, the penalties are quite significant with driving while suspended, and the enhanced penalties associated with driving while suspended for a drunk driving suspension are even more significant. In either case, immediately contacting an experienced New Jersey traffic attorney is a must, and that attorney can discuss your individual case and how to proceed.

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