In New Jersey, gun control is taken very seriously. The state only allows residents to own a firearm with a permit. Assault weapons are not permitted to be owned by New Jersey residents. Any gun purchased in New Jersey must be purchased from a licensed dealer with a gun permit. The two types of illegal weapons charges that exist in New Jersey are unlawful.

The first type of weapons charges that a person in New Jersey can receive is simple gun possession without a permit. It is important that when you purchase a gun from a licensed dealer, you obtain a permit. This charge is considered a second-degree offense in the state. The other option for being charged with unlawful possession of a weapon in New Jersey is the possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. If you are in the process of committing a crime, such as a robbery for example, and you are found to have a gun at the time, your charges will be severe. New Jersey also considers this type of offense a second-degree offense.

Some of the other important factors to be aware of about New Jersey guns laws are that you cannot bring a gun here from another state. If you move from, let’s say, Virginia to New Jersey and own a firearm, you will have to apply for a permit in New Jersey in order to legally own your gun in the state. You are also not permitted to have a gun in your car regardless of if you have a permit. If you have been charged with an unlawful possession of a firearm in New Jersey, you will need to seek experienced representation from a criminal defense attorney.

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