640px-USMC-04952When a person is the victim of a crime in New Jersey, they are protected under the New Jersey Constitutional Amendment for Victim’s Rights. The state wants to protect victims from any further trauma that may be inflicted upon them after the criminal act has been committed. The criminal justice system is required to treat victims with compassion, respect and fairness in order to help these victims move on and seek justice after they were harmed.

New Jersey has set up an Office of Witness-Victim Advocacy to fight for the rights of anyone who has had a traumatic crime committed against them. This also goes for the witnesses of crimes that may have experienced trauma after seeing a heinous act committed in front of them. The primary goal of this advocacy group is to protect the victims and witnesses from the negative consequences that many people experience after being exposed to such a crime.  They provide assistance finding financial help, social services, compensation and information about the progression of the case at hand.

In addition, this constitutional bill protects victims from paying the costs of rehabilitation, support, and other imprisonment fees of the person who committed the crime against them. They are also exempt from paying any fees that are associated with obtaining any medical records that are associated with the crime. They are also exempt from paying any fees associated with obtaining a temporary or a permanent restraining order.
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