2nd Offense DWI/DUI Attorney in New Jersey

Defending clients against a second DUI / DWI charge

Being charged with your second DUI / DWI in New Jersey is a major offense. Every subsequent DUI / DWI charge comes with drastically harsher penalties. Courts are vigorously prosecuting people who are caught drunk driving. If you have been charged with your second DUI / DWI, we recommend that you speak with an established DUI / DWI defense attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to discuss your case.

Consequences of a second DUI / DWI

The penalties in New Jersey for a second offense DUI / DWI are:

  • 2 days up to 90 days of incarceration
  • 2 year mandatory loss of your driving privileges
  • $1,000 surcharge on your insurance for 3 years
  • 30 days of community service
  • Court penalties and assessments that total up to approximately $1,250.

You are also facing the insurance rate increases you may incur based upon your driving record and individual insurance carrier.

If you have been convicted of a second DUI / DWI, you are facing a possible installation of the ignition interlock device on any vehicle registered to you for a period of one to two years after your license suspension runs. An interlock device is a device placed on your ignition that requires you to prove to the car or the device that you don’t have any alcohol on your breath prior to starting that vehicle.

Speak with an experienced New Jersey DUI / DWI Law Firm

Although these penalties are quite significant and the consequences are quite severe for either a plea or verdict of a second offense of DUI / DWI, that doesn’t mean that your individual case is lost. If you are charged with a second offense DUI / DWI in the State of New Jersey you should certainly contact an experienced drunk driving attorney in Jersey City at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to discuss the case prior to going to court.