Defending clients from shoplifting charges in NJ

Shoplifting is a common offense in New Jersey. People are caught stealing items out of desperation every day. People often forget that stores watch every move you make. A person who takes an item from a store is usually seen by surveillance and caught as they leave the store. Other are caught after an alarm is set off. Shoplifting is not worth it, but people are sometimes blinded by a need for an item. Others are looking for a thrill. Whatever the case, speak to an attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to discuss your case.

Consequences of first offense shoplifting charge

Generally, shoplifting is a misdemeanor or a disorderly person’s offense. Shoplifting cases are handled by the local municipal court in the town the offense took place. Although the shoplifting may involve the theft, potential theft, or attempted theft of a varying array and number of items, the penalties and consequences associated with shoplifting are the same. In New Jersey, a first offense for shoplifting normally carries a fine and a ban from that particular store. Depending upon the set of circumstances in your particular case, there is the potential of a probationary period associated with a shoplifting conviction.

More than one shoplifting offense

Subsequent convictions for shoplifting can rise to the level that involves time in the county jail. Sometimes shoplifting cases turn into a more serious offense such as theft or robbery. If the shoplifting involved the pushing or touching of a security guard, you may find yourself charged with a second degree felony of robbery. In any event, the consequences of a charge of that nature are significant, including the potential for a state prison sentence. It is important to contact an attorney to review your case and try to downgrade the charges back to a simple shoplifting charge.

Contact a New Jersey attorney that will negotiate your shoplifting charges

A consultation with an experienced New Jersey crimes attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. is recommended prior to proceeding on a theft, shoplifting, or robbery case. If you simple case of shoplifting escalated to a more serious charge, we may be able to find avenues and defenses to downgrade the case back to the initial charge. At that point, it will just be a shoplifting charge where the consequences are much less significant than a theft or robbery charge. A shoplifting charge does not have to impact your livelihood. Contact an attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to review your case and come to the best outcome.