Megan’s Law Attorney in Hoboken and Jersey City

Fighting to avoid a conviction that involves Megan’s Law

In New Jersey, Megan’s Law requires criminal defendants who have plead guilty or been found guilty of certain offenses involving acts of sexual conduct to be placed on a list of offenders. Megan’s Law sex offender registration and community notification provisions were signed into law on October 31, 1994 followed by the Megan’s Law Sex Offender Internet Registry on July 23, 2001. Anyone who commits crimes of a sexual nature against children and the mentally challenged must be on a registry in order for law enforcement to identify and alert the public when necessary.

What are the consequences of Megan’s Law?

Depending upon the nature and circumstances of a person’s given charge, as well as their compliance with Megan’s Law, what they have to do is different. For instance, anyone charged with a crime that falls under Megan’s Law must register with the local police. Some offenders are placed on the Internet registry; some only register with the police department; others have a community notification. They all fall under the purview of Megan’s Law.

Contact an experienced sex crime attorney

Megan’s Law is a very significant penalty. It is recommended that you consult an experienced attorney. It is imperative that you do this prior to resolving your case where the prosecutor or the State offers you a plea to a crime to which Megan’s Law is a consequence. Depending upon the circumstances of your particular case, an attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. may be able to resolve the matter without the person suffering the stigma of being placed on Megan’s Law.