Defending clients in NJ accused of prescription drug charges

Illegal possession of prescription drugs is an increasing issue to the state of New Jersey. Drugs like oxycodone are highly addictive and abuse is on the rise. The illegal prescription drug market in New Jersey is building and the state is trying to be as aggressive as possible to combat its effects. Similarly to other illegal possession of a prescription drug, possession of oxycodone is treated exactly the same as possession of heroin, cocaine, and any other narcotic drug in the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey attorney fights against the consequences

If you’re charged with possession of a prescription drug and you don’t have a valid prescription for that particular drug, you are facing a third degree felony, which entails:

  • Up to five years in New Jersey state prison
  • Monetary fine up to $35,000.

Although that is the maximum penalty associated with possession of a prescription drug, there are a number of defenses that may apply to your particular case. As with other controlled substances, being charged with illegal possession of a prescription drugs in a school zone will add a required 100 hours of community service to the felony penalties and fines.

We are here to fight for you

If you are arrested for possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription, contact an experienced attorney to discuss your case. The circumstances and facts of your particular case are obviously different than anyone else’s and needs a thorough review by a skilled attorney to determine the potential outcomes of your particular possession of prescription drug case. Attorneys at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. are here to guide you through your ordeal and will work tirelessly to come to a better conclusion for your situation. Contact us today for a consultation.