Fighting for the rights of clients accused of pharmacy theft in NJ

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise across the nation, making the acquisition and illicit sale of these drugs an increasingly profitable venture. Crime is on the rise. The theft of prescription drugs from hospitals and stand-alone pharmacies are rising just as rapidly. Pharmacy theft is becoming a more common occurrence in the state of New Jersey. The projected profit of pharmacy theft is blinding people from the severe and significant consequences of the act. If you are charged with pharmacy theft, you have a lot of factors to consider and speaking with an attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. would be in your best interest. You will need legal representation and we have the tenacity to examine every factor of your case to find the best way to defend you.

Defending New Jersey clients against pharmacy theft charges

The charge of pharmacy theft comes with an array of criminal charges.  The court will examine the value of the drugs and the manner in which they were stolen. If you were caught with a gun or used physical force to rob a pharmacy, you are facing escalating charges and penalties. If convicted of pharmacy theft in New Jersey, a person is facing:

  • fines up to $10,000
  • a maximum of 15 years in jail
  • enrollment in a drug treatment program
  • many hours of community service
  • lengthy probation

Speak to an attorney who is on your side

Pharmacy theft is a serious crime that comes with serious repercussions. You should speak to an attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to review your case and see if the circumstances of your situation has cause for defense. Don’t allow a serious charge to automatically ruin your life and livelihood. Our experienced attorneys are available for a consultation. Time is of the essence in this case, so contact us today to review your case and come to the best conclusion for your legal matter.