Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Diligent defense against federal crimes

A federal crime can include a varying range of offenses. Most of the time, an innocuous offense on federal property can escalate the crime to a case in federal court. A federal crime can be anything from destruction of a mailbox to a violation of the Espionage Act. So if you are facing any federal charges of any kind, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to discuss your legal matter.

Federal sentencing guidelines explained

In federal court there’s what’s known as the federal sentencing guidelines. These guidelines are dependent on the nature of the charge and your criminal history. The U.S. Sentencing Commission was established to make the disparity between judge sentencing more uniform and just. The federal sentencing guidelines have since taken the discretion of sentencing away from federal judges, barring prejudices and biases that unjustly order a more severe penalty to one defendant over another. There are 43 offense levels, 6 criminal history categories, and 4 sentencing “zones” that will ultimately assign your punishment.

If the nature of the charge is a bankruptcy fraud in a very small amount and you’ve never been in trouble with the law, you’re facing a very low guidelines number, potential probation or house arrest. If you’ve been in trouble a number of times and you’re facing a third gun charge, then the sentencing guidelines provide a sentencing range much higher with potential jail time.

Consult an attorney who will fight for you

Consulting an attorney to negotiate a plea deal or to represent you on your case prior to going to federal court is in your best interest. Federal court carries very significant penalties, even for minor offenses. A skilled attorney may be able to convince the judge to move to a more local venue like superior or municipal court. Contact an attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to review your case. Being charged with a federal crime is a serious offense that can tarnish your reputation, burden you will overwhelming fines, affect employment, and in some cases, assign jail time. Protect yourself and contact us today to examine the circumstance of your case and utilize any defenses.