Expungement Attorney

Fighting to erase your arrest record

In New Jersey expungements get any history of convictions or arrests off of your criminal record. If a background check is ever conducted, the searching agency will not find a history of arrest or conviction. Expungement is saved for first time offenders of innocuous crimes or anyone whose charges have been dismissed. Not everyone is eligible for an expungement. Contact an established expungement attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to see if your case allows for expungement.

Starting the expungement process

To start the process of expungement, an experienced attorney will fill out a petition and other forms and submit them to the court along with a filing fee. The court forwards the documents to the prosecutor’s office, it’s looked over, and a hearing date is arranged. In most cases, the hearing date is a mere formality. The judge will forward the paperwork back to the attorney signed off with an order to all the agencies involved in your legal matter. The order will state that the history of that arrest and conviction should be expunged from your records. Your attorney will mail out that order to all applicable agencies. Sometime later, you or your attorney will receive a letter from the State Police indicating your record has been expunged.

Waiting for expungement explained

The waiting period to be eligible for expungement varies depending upon the outcome of your particular case, the nature of the charges, and what exactly took place.

  • Municipal ordinance violations- 2 years
  • Disorderly Person’s offense- 5 years
  • Felony offenses- up to 10 years

A dismissal of charges after the completion of a diversionary program, such as PTI or conditional dismissal makes you eligible for an expungement six months after the last event of your PTI. If your PTI took a year, you’re eligible in eighteen months. You’re also eligible to expunge any and all juvenile offenses at that time.

Contact a law firm that cares
Not everyone who has been convicted of crime is eligible for an expungement, but most are. If you believe that your case has been completed and you are or should be eligible for an expungement, contact an experienced expungement attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to discuss the particular facts and circumstances of your case. If you believe that you are eligible for an expungement, you probably are. A brief phone or in-person consultation with one of our experienced attorneys will determine whether you are correct.