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If you have been charged with possession of a drug with the intent to distribute, you are facing a harsh range of penalties. Intent to distribute does not necessarily mean you have been caught selling drugs. Having a certain amount of drugs in your possession is defined as “intent” by the law. Courts can prosecute you without having to prove you were selling anything.

Attorney defends against drug distribution charges

In the state of New Jersey, arrest for distribution of any drug is a felony as charged. Whether that drug is marijuana or any other drugs, a conviction of drug distribution in New Jersey is a third degree felony. An individual charged with that offense is facing the potential of five years in state prison. Beyond the potential jail time, someone charged with the intent to distribute is facing the potential penalties of overwhelming fines, rehabilitation, and probation. If you are caught with drugs in a school zone, your penalty will be more severe.

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Each case is different and needs a thorough review by an experienced attorney. We will work tirelessly to determine what defenses may apply to your case, whether your case is truly a distribution of drugs case, whether it may be a possession case, or whether it may not be a case at all. Just because you may be charged with distribution of drugs in New Jersey, does not mean that is going to be the outcome of your case. In any event, you need to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney at Keith Hirschorn, P.C. to determine what, if any, consequences you’re facing on your drug distribution case. Contact us today for a consultation.