Domestic Violence Attorney

Assisting you through domestic abuse cases

Domestic violence is a serious crime. Being accused of domestic violence can drastically impact your life, tarnish your reputation, and affect your ability to work.  The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act is legislation drafted in New Jersey that immediately protects the victim. Since 1991, the law allows the accuser to obtain a restraining order to protect themselves and recover reasonable support for the financial burden of an impending trial.

New Jersey takes domestic violence cases with the upmost seriousness and rigor. Police officers will make an arrest with any sign of physical abuse. Officers have been known to make an arrest just on the word of the accuser, without evidence of physical abuse. New Jersey is one of the most proactive states on the matter. Any time a domestic violence situation is claimed by anyone, the police will investigate.

Attorney defending your rights as the accused

In New Jersey, the accused has few rights to fall back on. The state’s stance on domestic violence, though aptly aggressive, cannot fairly respect and protect the rights of both parties. New Jersey takes a “better safe than sorry” position. In most cases, pinning a guilty verdict on the accused in and out of the courtroom before any evidence has been brought forth.

Domestic violence attorney protects the rights of the family  

Domestic violence charges will drastically impact the proceedings of a divorce case where children are involved. Until the case is resolved, a domestic violence case may limit or cease contact between the accused and children. Under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, the restraining order will immediately separate the accused from all immediate family members. In most cases, it is in everyone’s best interest to separate the accused from the family, but an accuser could maliciously use this to his or her advantage if the separation or divorce gets heated. A false domestic violence charge is illegal, but it is difficult to defend oneself from a charge, because domestic violence can be defined as both physical and mental abuse.

Domestic violence in connection with another crime

If you receive a domestic violence charge in New Jersey connected to another crime, it will most likely escalate the charges of that crime. This is most often the case with assault charges. It is one of the most forceful prosecutions.  New Jersey courts aggressively judge domestic violence cases.

Contact a diligent attorney who will fight for your reputation

At the law firm of Keith Hirschorn, P.C., we offer our clients a strong representation for civil domestic violence matters, including restraining orders as well as assault and battery charges. As time can be of the essence in these cases, we efficiently respond to your needs and gather the necessary evidence to build a durable case on your behalf.