Protecting the rights of the accused in drug cases

In the State of New Jersey, cocaine possession is a severe criminal charge. New Jersey drug laws are tough and the courts are aggressive. Possession of cocaine is a felony charge. Everybody’s case is unique and different and speaking to an experienced New Jersey attorney at Keith Hirschorn P.C. is in your best interest. We have the knowledge of cocaine possession law to come to the best resolution to your legal matter.

Simple possession of cocaine explained

Cocaine is a Schedule II drug according to the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. New Jersey considers cocaine to have some medicinal purposes, so it has never been pushed up to a Schedule I status. Any individual charged with simple possession of cocaine is facing a third degree felony and up to five years in New Jersey state prison. A possession conviction can burden you with up to $35,000 worth of fines, possible loss of license, and rehabilitation.

Intent to distribute

Possession with the intent to distribute escalates the initial charge of simple possession. Intent to distribute does not mean you were caught selling drugs. You just need a certain amount of drugs to fit the parameters. Under a half an ounce of cocaine is simple possession. Possession of cocaine between a half an ounce and less that 5 ounces is a second degree felony. More than 5 ounces is a first degree felony. If you are caught with cocaine in a school zone, you are facing a potential penalty of 100 hours of community service added to the already overwhelming punishment.

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