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Pharmacy Theft in New Jersey

Pharmacy Theft in New Jersey

One of the major problems plaguing today’s society is prescription drug abuse. There have unfortunately been many cases in which a person will break into a pharmacy with the intentions of stealing the prescription drugs that they desire. New Jersey takes pharmacy theft seriously in hopes to combat the serious injury or death that can come with abusing prescription drugs, whether the person is stealing them for personal use or with intentions of selling drugs that have a high street value to make a profit. The state has outlined a number of ways to protect pharmacies from theft.

The New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy recommends that all pharmacies have some form of security on the drugs with the highest levels of theft. Drugs are categorized by the amount of medical value they provide to people in schedules. Schedule III drugs are considered to have the least amount of potential for being abused. One example of a Schedule III drug is ketamine hydrochloride. The New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy recommends that all Schedule II and Schedule III drugs should be kept in a steel cabinet that can only be accessed by licensed pharmacists. They also require a security system to be put in place on all pharmacies with an alarm that can alert about any possible intruders. No unauthorized personnel should be permitted within the prescription filling area in order to protect the pharmacy from theft.

There are many things that can be done to protect a pharmacy from theft but the reality is that even with all of the precautions put in place, it may still occur. If you are charged with pharmacy arrest, you will face serious charges and the potential for jail time. You are going to need strong legal representation to assist you in this matter.

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