When a person is pulled over by the police because they were using their cell phone while driving, the will face a number of penalties. Like anything else, the first offense is the least severe punishment and they only get worse the more times you are accused. The first time a person is charged with driving while using their cell phone, they may receive a fine of anywhere from $200-$400. For a second offense of cell phone use while behind the wheel, you will incur a fine of $400-$600. A third offense will, of course, bring about an even larger fine, this time of $600-$800. What is also important to know about receiving a third offense is that in addition to the $600-$800 fine, you may also receive 3 points on your license. In addition, upon your third or subsequent offense, you may also face the loss of your driving privileges for up to 90 days.

New Jersey understands that in today’s day and age, cell phones are used for every aspect of daily life. If you’re lost while driving, you use your cell phone’s GPS to find your way back. If you need to contact 911 while driving, you would use it then as well. Unfortunately, some people use their phones for texting or talking while they drive. There are a number of hands-free devices that can allow you to use your cell phone somewhat safely while you are driving. New Jersey encourages you to use this option if you are going to use your phone while driving at all but they also believe that you should use it sparingly. Distracted driving because of cellphone use has actually proved to be more dangerous than getting behind the wheel while you are intoxicated.

If you are charged with using your cell phone while driving multiple times, you should seek experienced legal counsel to assist you with reducing your fines or the number of points on your license.

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