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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Jersey City, NJ

If you need a criminal defense law firm serving Jersey City, Hudson County, and the greater New Jersey area, Keith Hirschorn, P.C. is ready to fight for you. Our Hoboken law firm is honored to assist Jersey City clients through all criminal and municipal matters, including DUI/DWIs, shoplifting, robbery, drug crimes, sex crimes, gun crimes, juvenile crimes, traffic violations, and violent crimes.

Jersey City Criminal Defense

Our Hoboken criminal defense firm has over 15 years of experience defending Jersey City residents through a variety of criminal and municipal matters. If you have been charged with a Jersey City DUI or drug charge, you need an effective attorney to defend you against these charges. Jersey City residents facing charges of sex crimes, violent crimes, gun crime, or larceny charge need a persistent criminal defense attorney that is able to explore all legal defenses to free them from these accusations. Our Hoboken firm is ready to assist you with your criminal matter in Jersey City, New Jersey. If you need our legal services, contact Keith Hirschorn, P.C. for a consultation today.

Jersey City Court Information

Jersey City Municipal Court
365 Summit Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Telephone: (201) 209-6700

Hudson County Criminal Court

William Brennan Courthouse
583 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Telephone: (201) 795-6000

Jersey City Courts

The courts of Jersey City handle criminal cases related to a variety of legal matters, including Jersey City DWIs, drug crimes, violent crimes, gun crimes, sex crimes, shoplifting, and robbery. The Jersey City court system also handles traffic violations and civil matters for people facing municipal matters.

A Hoboken criminal defense law firm for Jersey City

Jersey City clients facing criminal matters trust in the legal services of Keith Hirschorn, P.C. Our Hudson County clients benefit from our commitment to every case. Jersey City residents in need of quality legal services, should not hesitate to contact our Hoboken law firm today. If you are convicted of a criminal offense in Jersey City, you could have a criminal record that will impact the rest of your life. Jersey City residents facing criminal charges should contact Keith Hirschorn, P.C. immediately.