The immigration process is highly selective, competitive, complex and difficult. For these reasons, there are a variety of sources and organizations that provide assistance to U.S. employers and foreign nationals who seek help with their immigration issue. Unfortunately, many of these services are not authorized by the U.S. government or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In fact, many immigration services are nothing more than scams that capitalize on the desires of foreign citizens to live in, work in, or visit the United States.


While many organizations may guarantee or promise a fast, fireproof process, they may be simply playing on the desires of immigrants. It is important to have a trusted legal advocate by your side during this difficult time.

Examples of fraudulent immigration services include:

Individuals or corporations that represent themselves to be attorneys or who provide legal advice while not licensed attorneys

Individuals who pretend to be ICE agents

Anyone promising immigrants employment and/or work visas they are not permitted to provide

Individuals who produce and sell fraudulent social security cards, licenses, passports, or other documents

If you have been misled by a similar type of scheme or organization, it is crucial that you seek legal counsel right way.