There are a number of ways that a person can have their drivers’ license suspended in New Jersey. If a person is driving their car while their drivers’ license has been suspended for whatever the reason may be, they will face serious consequences. One of the reasons that a person may have their driving privileges revoked is because they were pulled over while driving without automobile insurance. Another potential reason that a person can have their driving privileges revoked in New Jersey is in the event that they were charged with a DUI.

When a person gets charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, their license can be suspended for years, depending on how many times they have been charged with this offense. If someone has gotten a DUI and it is their first offense, their license may be revoked for 7-12 months. If you have gotten three or more DUI’s, you can lose your driving privileges for as long as 10 years. In the event that you are charged with driving while possessing drugs, your license will be suspended for 2 years.

When you are accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol and lose your driver’s license, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Having strong legal representation may be able to assist you in reinstating your driving privileges.

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