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Gun Possession/ Weapons Charges Videos

What’s important to know about possession of gun charges?

  • In New Jersey, there are two different types of possession of a firearm:
    • Simple possession of a firearm without a permit or
    • Possession of a firearm to do something unlawful or for an unlawful purpose.
  • These are both treated as second degree offenses, and […]

Do the police have a right to search my car or house without a warrant?

  • A common question I ask related to search and seizure is, “Did the police have a warrant?”
  • If they did have a warrant- what they did following the warrant is justified, although not necessarily; you should still discuss your case with an attorney.
  • Sometimes […]

Can I Be Arrested if the Police Find an Unregistered Gun in My Home?


  • Clients often as, “Can I be arrested if the police search my home for some other reason and find a gun that I haven’t registered in my home?”
  • This depends upon the circumstances of your background.
  • If you haven’t been convicted of a crime […]