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DWI Defense Lawyer Videos

What happens if I refuse a Breathalyzer?

  • In New Jersey, they issue you a separate moving violation for refusing the breathalyzer test.
  • With a refusal you’re talking about a civil standard of preponderance of the evidence; much easier to prove for the state.
  • If you refuse, it is treated similarly to […]

When does a hardship license apply and how do they work?

  • Frequent questions I get are about other states and circumstances where there is a hardship license or the ability to keep one’s license for work.
  • Unfortunately, here in the State of New Jersey, either being found guilty after a trial or pleading guilty to […]

What is the Field Sobriety Test Process?

  • When someone is stopped for drunk driving, police officers are required to make certain findings before placing the suspect under arrest.
  • A field sobriety test is a broad term for different tests the officer can conduct to determine your state of mind; the officer […]

What is important to know about BAC levels?


  • There are three important BAC levels in the state of New Jersey:
    • Level of .15 is the highest
      • carries an additional penalty of ignition interlocking device
      • 7-12 month license suspension
      • fines and insurance surcharges
      • time in the Intoxicated Driver Resource center
    • Level of .10 […]

What are the penalties for a first offense DUI in New Jersey?


  • The penalties for a first DUI or drunk driving case in New Jersey are as follows:
    • Up to 30 days in the county jail,
    • Mandatory $500 fine as well as court costs and mandatory assessments totaling up to about $800
    • 12 hours in […]

What are the penalties for a second offense DUI?

  • The penalties for a second offense DUI in New Jersey are greater than those for the first and can include:
    • Mandatory 2-90 days incarceration in the county jail wherever the incident took place
    • 2 year mandatory loss of driving privileges
    • $1,000 surcharge on your […]

What are the penalties for a third offense DUI?

  • The penalties associated with a third offense DUI in New Jersey can include:
    • Mandatory 10 year loss of driving privileges
    • Mandatory $1,000 fine
    • Mandatory 180 days or 6 months in the county jail (90 days can be served in an inpatient rehab if the […]

Can I continue to drive in New Jersey after a conviction for DUI refusal?

  • Individuals who are charged with driving under the influence or drunk driving in the state of NJ often come to me and ask “Will I be able to drive after my conviction for DUI refusal?”
  • In New Jersey, driving after DUI refusal is the […]