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Drug Crime Videos

What’s important to know about drug offense in New Jersey?

  • There are different penalties in NJ for the possession or distribution of marijuana and the possession or distribution of any other prescription or narcotic drug; they are sometimes even heard in different courts.
  • Possession of marijuana under 50 grams is sometimes heard in municipal […]

What are the penalties for possession of marijuana?

  • If you are charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams, the case goes to municipal court in the town you were charged in; here you will be charged with a disorderly person’s offense, also called a misdemeanor.
  • The maximum penalty for this offense […]

What are the penalties for possession of cocaine or heroin?

  • In New Jersey, possession of cocaine, heroin or any other narcotic drug like PCP or ecstasy, is a third degree felony and up to the potential of 5 years in New Jersey state prison.
  • Each case is unique and different and also depends on […]

What are the penalties for possession of prescription drugs ?

  • A common prescription drug I receive calls for is Oxycodone, which although is technically prescribed, is treated like a possession of heroin, cocaine or any narcotic drug charge.
  • If you are charged and don’t have a valid prescription, you face up to five years […]

What is important to know about drug distribution in New Jersey?

  • Often times clients are unsure of facts and circumstances surrounding their case, but they can identify which drug they are being charged for.
  • In NJ, arrest for distribution of any drug is a third degree felony.
  • If convicted, the individual is facing the potential […]

Will they suspend my Driver’s License for drug conviction in New jersey?

  • No matter where the drug offense took place, whether it was in a house, car or on the street, one of the consequences of pleading guilty or being found guilty of a drug offense in NJ is license suspension for 6 months-2 years.
  • Fortunately, […]

What are the possible consequences of being charged with a drug distribution offense?

  • Often clients are not only charged with possession of a drug but possession with intent to distribute.
  • Regardless of the drug, possession with intent to distribute is a felony in New Jersey, where the individual faces a potential state prison term.
  • The court sometimes […]

Do the police have a right to search my car or house without a warrant?

  • A common question I ask related to search and seizure is, “Did the police have a warrant?”
  • If they did have a warrant- what they did following the warrant is justified, although not necessarily; you should still discuss your case with an attorney.
  • Sometimes […]

What is drug court?


  • Drug court, is an alternate sentence to a criminal defendant facing state prison.
  • Certain factors can make an individual not eligible for drug court, like a conviction for a violent crime in the past.
  • Drug court affords individuals who believe they need treatment, another […]

Is it possible for a juvenile to be charged as an adult?


  • Family members and defendants often call asking “Where is my case going to be heard?”
  • Most juvenile cases are heard in family court and you are dealing with juvenile adjudications rather than criminal offense; however, there is a certain set of crimes and […]