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Domestic Violence Videos

What are the consequences of endangering the welfare of a child charge?

  • In New Jersey, endangering the welfare of a child is a serious felony and sometimes a second degree felony, which if plead or found guilty can lead to the individual serving time in state prison.
  • Anyone charged with this can also find themselves in […]

What is important to know about domestic violence in New Jersey?

  • Domestic violence cases usually end up with a temporary restraining order for the victim if they are seeking to have the individual accused of domestic violence charged.
  • As the proceedings get further, the temporary restraining order goes before a judge for a final restraining […]

What is the difference between a temporary and final restraining order?

  • A temporary restraining order (TRO) temporarily restrains the defendant from contacting the alleged victim of domestic violence.
  • A TRO remains in existence until it is vacated by the court or the alleged victim tells the court he or she no longer needs one.
  • A […]