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Bail Hearings Videos

What do I need to know about bail in New Jersey?

  • Bail is an important factor because it is what prevents or allows a criminal defendant to make their way out of jail.
  • A Bail review in NJ is important and most places treat it similarly, in that the criminal defendant is entitled to a […]

What is CJP court in Hudson County and what do they do?

  • CJP court is Central Judicial Processing court, located in Hudson County, taking place at county courthouse in Jersey City.
  • CJP is the first step in a court case involving a felony.
  • The first purpose: the municipal court judge determines what the bail should be […]

How does a bail review or source inquiry work in New Jersey?

  • Family members of incarcerated individuals often contact me when they can’t make bail for their loved one being held in a county jail after being arrested in NJ.
  • Each of these individuals is eligible for a bail review by a superior court judge-we must […]