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The State of New Jersey has completely changed the manner in which the Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Superior and Municipal Courts will handle criminal cases. When a loved one or friend is arrested the first step in the process is the Police […]

What Are The Different Types Of Bail?

When you are arrested, there are some situations in which you can be released from jail on bail. This means that you will pay a certain amount of money to leave jail but ensuring that you will still make your appearances in court. There are five different types of bail […]

What are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and How Do They Work?

federal prisonIn federal court there’s what’s known as the federal sentencing guidelines. The same guidelines apply regardless of what the federal criminal defendant is charged with. The way those guidelines work is that it’s dependent on the nature of the […]

What is important to know about leaving the scene of an accident?

car accidentHere in New Jersey, leaving the scene of an accident is one of the most significant traffic violations we have. As a matter of fact, in recent years the legislature in New Jersey has made leaving the scene of an […]

What are the penalties for robbery convictions?

handcuffedIf you’ve been charged with robbery in New Jersey, you know that you’ve been charged with one of two types of robbery. You’ve either been charged with first degree robbery, which involves a weapon, a gun, or a knife, or you’ve […]

What are the penalties for shoplifting in New Jersey?

supermarket shoppingIn New Jersey, shoplifting, in general terms, is a misdemeanor or a disorderly person’s offense, that would be heard in the town where the offense took place. Although the shoplifting may involve the theft, potential theft or attempted theft of something […]