When we hear the words domestic violence, we rarely think of men as being victims. However, it has been shown that women are the aggressors in about 40% of domestic violence cases. Men often do not press charges or do anything to protect themselves from their spouses due to stigma, embarrassment, and fear.

According to recent research conducted by the CDC, over 2 million men in the USA have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner. They are also more likely to be victims of an attack involving a deadly weapon and are more often victims of verbal abuse. Most cases go unreported. Because men are physically stronger than their female partners, they feel ashamed that a woman is hitting them. They also choose to remain quiet if they have children and fear they will not be allowed access to them.

The fact is domestic violence charges still apply regardless of the gender of the attacker. Suppose the victim is able to show evidence of physical injury resulting from a domestic violence episode. In that case, the attacker can be charged for assault and restraining orders can be issued to protect the victim and any children. A common trigger for domestic violence is when there is a real or imagined infidelity case, and more often than not, alcohol and substance abuse are involved in the violent incident.

Female partners facing domestic violence accusations have similar defense strategy options as the ones used for male attackers. If you are a woman facing domestic violence accusations, it is essential to retain a lawyer as early in the process as possible. You may be dealing with a temporary restraint order and forced to remove yourself from your home, and have limited access to your children.

An attorney can help you understand your charges and build a defense strategy specific to your case. You may be able to provide enough evidence to argue that you acted in self-defense and that your partner’s behavior was threatening enough that led you to believe physical force was needed to protect yourself or your children from harm. Alternatively, your criminal defense attorney in Jersey City may try to persuade the court that your partner has made a false accusation if he has a history of making false accusations to gain an advantage over you in a dispute.

Each case is different, and results vary, but with a strong defense strategy, you may downgrade charges or dismiss them altogether. The Law Offices of Keith Hirschorn offers clients charged with Domestic violence all the legal advice and expertise they will need to protect their rights. If you are facing Domestic Violence charges, please call us as soon as possible at 201-798-4024. We are here to help.